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Nope. Posts aren't moveable, and are displayed according to their time stamp. Other than the post filters offered, there's no way to adjust their placement. › 5-new-features-for-connecting-with-your-current-and-.

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Order your posts in the right sequence content: we built a way for your patrons (​and potential patrons) to sort through posts chronologically. Searching posts. You can use the filters located at the top of your creator's Posts page to filter through Sorting in descending or ascending chronological order.

patreon ordering posts. Until now, organizing your content on Patreon has been a pain point, and your patrons have had to hunt for specific posts in a fury of infinite.

The post creator is where you'll make decisions about when your post will be published and who gets to check your posts. In your post creator, you can also add. Official Post from dccmuseum. Existing Patrons will have the exclusive rights to order first. $49 for the DCC and $7 for world-wide shipping.

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Join BigJayJay on Patreon to get access to this post and more benefits.patreon ordering posts Official Post from DRKS. Here is the google form link if you are interested, order at here: at 9AM New Zealand time on Thursday 21st of March, I'll post a link to pre-​order my new book, On Writing and Worldbuilding, compiling all of. We would like to use the Pinned Post as the first thing people see in order to highlight any promotion we might be running. We already create a.

patreon ordering posts.

Creating a post on Patreon Patreon creators can post update to their project supporters. To get started with a post, we select the "Post" option from the left sidebar. Carl D. Smith is creating books for all imaginations | Patreon. Become a patron of Carl D. Smith today: Read 96 posts by Carl D. Smith Become a patron of Carl.

There is an option for normal chronological ordering on the posts page though I can't comment on the mobile version. A curious thing I noticed was every time I. For indie authors, a Patreon account can be used to supplement writing income. creating translations, original works of fiction, comics, newsletters and blog posts. Jemisin started her Patreon page in order to be able to quit her day job and.   patreon ordering posts Lots on my Patreon site, most of which are free access, like this one https://​ Or signup for as little. cubertodesign New design source file is available on Patreon more. View all 11 comments More posts from cubertodesign · Ice cream ordering app ⠀ ⠀ #ux #​uidesign #ui #appdesign #userinterface · Roava app design. Patreon paimeant Pick a tier that best fits your wants and needs and become a patron today. Throughout the month, i will post all the sets from photo shoots during the page​, benefits, my photography, ordering prints, or any other reason, you can send me a. A new Patreon post is up (for the $1 reward tier)-the second of two posts that analyze Mars and Venus in Leo's upcoming dance with the Saturn/Uranus square.

patreon ordering posts

ONE DAY ORDERING WINDOW next week for the holiday card! 1. if you'​re a patron, please click through to comment on this post. at. And yes, with the current setup, the plugin would only hide product description - since it treats it as a post. To prevent viewing and ordering of.  patreon ordering posts I'm using the Patreon PHP Api to get all the posts from my patreon page and it is working Ordering may or may not have been implemented for posts endpoint. Payments are processed on April 1st. Digital rewards are sent th of April and books and/or Prints are shipped out Mid-April. Watch your email for a Canada Post.

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[email protected]*CR2P. c2ndy2c1d - Posts tagged eene. Article by Minny Minx. Thank you for ordering a download from us. When you complete your purchase you will be redirected to your online receipt page. You will also be emailed a.  patreon ordering posts Tier 2 ($5). Three digital recipes per month; Access to pre-recorded baking tip videos; Access to Patreon-only posts; Everything in the previous. discursive dwelling place, the study analyzes five Patreon pages and the self-​promotional practices order to establish the actor as a credible person worthy of giving money to. the funding goals, the reward tiers, the imagery and the posts. 

patreon ordering posts.

Posts on any index page in Ghost will be displayed in reverse chronological order by default, but it's possible to display posts in chronological order using the​. Dropshirt is where to order t-shirts that ship directly to your Patreon. Any of them involve distribution plans, procurement, and storage positions, and.  patreon ordering posts Chat. Watch. All Posts (). Newest Thank you to everyone who has been able to buy a print, order a commission, and/or leave a comment or like. It doesn't go Patreon Pin of the Month Club: Website. The technical posts take more time as I try to make it work for all readers. Follow the link to; create an account (if do not already I see the products, sold via this link, but do not know who is ordering what. Ethan van sciver patreon

patreon ordering posts